Southern Spain Adventure: Málaga & Consuegra

The last day of our trip arrived & we had a LONG day of driving to get home, but we managed to squeeze in a couple fun stops on the way!


We stopped in Málaga & enjoyed a few minutes on the beach!

Audrey wasn’t exactly dressed for the beach!

We didn’t have a lot of time for lunch, so we grabbed Burger King! I think it might have been the best view I’ve ever had at a Burger King!

We also stopped in Consuegra a few hours later. We had fun walking around the castle…

…and the windmills!

These were built after Cervantes wrote Don Quixote, but are the same style that would have inspired him!

Who needs toys when you have rocks??

Headed up to check out another windmill

A beautiful view!

Grandpa & Baba coming back from exploring the windmills

It was sad for our road trip to be over, but we had seen a LOT of beautiful places & explored a LOT of new sights. Thanks Mom & Dad for traveling us around! We had a wonderful time!


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