Southern Spain Adventure: Gibraltar

The one place my parents really wanted to go in Southern Spain was Gibraltar. About a month before the trip we told Ezra that we were going to visit a place that had monkeys & so everyday of the trip he would ask, “Is today the day we see the monkeys?” We decided we better head to Gibraltar the first day that we were staying in Jimena de la Frontera to keep Ezra happy!

The Rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar really isn’t very big!

It looks & feels very much like Spain…

…but the food & shops are very much British!! Look…Fish & chips & mushy peas!!

Audrey needed a picture of her meal too! 

After lunch, we caught the cable car to the top of the Rock & there were the monkeys! (“Not monkeys, mom, Tailless Macaques!” Ezra would say. Although, I just looked it up & they might actually  be Barbary Macaques, but in his defense they are tailless & the guidebook we were using said they were Tailless Macaques!)

The monkey laying down looks SO happy! 

The tip of the rock & looking back at Gibraltar & Spain!

Flags of Gibraltar & the beautiful view!

The monkeys think they own the place!

The cave felt SO amazingly cool!!!

A cross-section of a stalactite that fell down!

The Gibraltar airport & runway. If you look closely you can see that the main road into/out of Gibraltar crosses the runway. When a plane is landing or taking off they have to close the road until they finish with the runway!!

The Great Siege Tunnel inside of the Rock! The tunnels were begun in 1782 when Spain & France tried to take Gibraltar back from the UK. They finished the tunnels during World War II. 

The kids looking at the view of Gibraltar from inside the siege tunnels!

It was a perfect end to a perfect day for Ezra, because as we were leaving Gibraltar we realized that it was going to be the kids’ bedtime by the time we got home, so they got McDonalds for dinner!! (The adults opted to wait & eat a ‘spanish’ dinner after the kids were down!)



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