Southern Spain Adventure: Seville

After our crazy day the day before, we needed a quiet morning and we enjoyed our lodgings, which were on a farm just outside of Córdoba.

The kids running around outside of our ‘home’!

There was even a cave on the property!

The property was gorgeous!

This picture is a BIG deal as Ezra usually is terrified of dogs! He affectionately (& appropriately) named them Blacky-browny and Browny-Blacky-Whitey!

After spending a relaxing morning, we headed towards Seville. We met some friends at the train station & they took our car to their home in the suburbs & we took a taxi into the city center. With all the processions, many of the city streets were closed, so we even had to walk a few blocks to our hotel. After checking in, we headed out to see some of the Holy Week processions.

In the processions, it seemed that the bands came first.

The drums were SO loud! You could feel them in your chest!

Next came the people (or nazarenos) with the hoods! Ezra called them “candles”!

The first procession we saw had little kids in it who handed out candy to kids along the parade route. Naturally, our kids thought that was a pretty good deal!

There were even babies wearing the hoods!

It was HOT & there were tons of people everywhere!!!

After watching the procession, we tried to get to another location to watch a second procession & found ourselves trapped by the procession & road closures! We ended up walking through some little alleyways & ultimately, straight down the middle of the parade route!

Audrey & one of the Nazarenos make eye-contact! (The processions come to a stand still at different times as they wait for things to clear up enough for them to move)

A “paso” or float. These weigh about 4,400 pounds & are carried on the shoulders of 40 people who carry roughly 110 pounds for over 8 hours!!! 

Audrey looking at a little card that was given to her by someone in the procession

This particular procession went right in front of our hotel!

Nazarenos as far as you can see!

The view of Seville from our window!!! (Actually, this was from a really high up bathroom window!)

Our cute boy asleep! (Yes, we take pictures of our kids when they sleep! We can’t help it! They are just SO cute!)

The room only had 3 twin beds, so after Audrey fell asleep, we moved her to the closet! She was a little confused when she woke up, but she loved her little ‘cave’! 


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