Southern Spain Adventure: Granada

Saturday morning, we left our lodgings early & headed off for Granada & the Alhambra!

There are lots of different buildings that make up the Alhambra. This one is the Alcazaba.

The kids running around the grounds of the Alhambra

Examining the water inside the palace

Intricate stone detail inside the palace

Sitting in fun chairs!

Beautiful details inside the palace

Our family at Alhambra

Wisteria in the beautiful gardens

Looking for fish!

Inside the Palace of Charles V (which is inside of the Alhambra walls)

Inside of the Alcazaba

Looking down inside of the Alcazaba from on top of one of the towers

My mom & dad looking out over the city of Granada

Mid-day ice cream break!!

Looking at one portion of the Alhambra from the Generalife gardens (which are also part of the Alhambra!)

Ahh… so cute! (Until you realize that Ezra is pointing out his great find…a dead frog!)

Such a beautiful view from a gorgeous garden!

There are fountains & pools of water everywhere!

A view of the whole Alhambra from across town!

Working on our selfies!!


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