Fun with Grandpa & Baba

The kids got to do lots of fun things with Grandpa & Baba during their time with us! I didn’t get pictures of everything, but here are a few!

Ezra & Audrey came along to Madrid to cheer on Grandpa & Mommy at their race!

We had originally planned to spend some time sightseeing in Madrid after the race, but since Mommy wasn’t feeling well, we needed to head home. We were parked at the Atocha Train Station, which is one fairly impressive sight in Madrid, so while Mommy rested in the car, everyone else went inside!

Looking at all the turtles!

Fun times in Atocha!

On Ezra’s last day of school before spring break, his class went on a field trip to a garden, so he had to wear sunscreen & a hat to school! Good thing Grandpa brought him one! A future employee of Hilton Trenching, perhaps???

Grandpa & Baba wanted to buy Mommy a gift of a couple of trees for our patio! Here Audrey is holding the orange tree steady while Grandpa fills the pot with soil!

Scooping dirt from one pot…

…to the other pot!

Holding the lemon tree steady for Grandpa!!

Thanks, Grandpa & Baba for all the fun times!! (And for the fruit trees! We’re looking forward to a delicious harvest some day down the road!)


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