My first 5K!

As a gift this past Christmas, I decided to sign my Dad & I up to run a 5K together. I’d never run a race, but he often runs 10Ks or even half-marathons, so I thought it would be a fun thing we could do together. The timing worked out great as the first weekend of their time in Spain was the Madrid half-marathon & 5K!

Sadly, I came down with a flu on Wednesday, but by Friday night I was starting to feel a bit better. Then with touring all day Saturday & eating a not-friendly-to-a-newly-recovered-from-the-flu kind of dinner, I woke up Sunday with renewed symptoms. At first, I thought I couldn’t run, but Micah convinced me to just go downtown & see how I was feeling. By the time we got down there, I decided I just had to run & hoped that my stomach would stay calm long enough to allow me to do just that! I am SO glad that I did!


This is right about kilometer 3! I was starting to get a bit worried about my dad! I think the higher elevation & the jet lag made it a harder race on him.


I, on the other hand, was feeling GOOD!!


All finished!!


We ran the race in 28:02. It was a bit longer than I had been hoping for, but that gives me lots of room for improvement & really isn’t bad considering that I was still sick!  I can’t wait to race again!





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