Life in Spain: Carnaval

The last week of February was ‘Carnival’ here in Spain. I find it interesting that something similar is celebrated in German (Fasching) & Louisiana (Mardi Gras) & France (Carnaval). Here in Spain it seems to involve dressing up and getting together for parties. Our little town even had a small parade one evening. For the students in the infantil, each day was a different theme. Monday they wore red, Tuesday they dressed up ‘fancy’, Wednesday they could dress up in whatever costume they wanted, & Thursday each classroom dressed up like characters from a different storybook – Ezra’s class was “Little Red Riding Hood”. (There was no school on Friday!) I did the good mom thing & went out & bought craft foam to make a mask & ‘stomach’ & tail!

Audrey wanted to be the Grandma from the story & kept saying, “Ezra wolf. Audrey Grandma. Ezra eat me.”


All the parents were invited to a costume parade on Thursday to see their kids all dressed up. However, by the time I got there, Ezra was no longer wearing any of his costume! *Sigh*


He did seem pretty excited to see Audrey & I in the stands, though, so I guess that counts for something!!


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