Our weekend

I decided it was time to at least TRY & potty train Audrey. I did a bit of reading on the subject & decided to try the one-day ‘boot camp’ method. I don’t have a lot of patience with accidents, so I figured why not try to really get the concept down in one day & then just spend the next few days (weeks?) reinforcing the concept. I followed the advice given on this blog, if anyone is curious. It basically meant that Audrey & I locked ourselves into the living room (since it has stone floors) with no soft toys, lots of snacks, & lots of juice/water. Every 15 minutes she would sit on the potty. When we had success we made a big deal of it & she got a candy! Day 1 was about even in accidents & successes. Day 2 was much more heavy on the successes. We’re only halfway through Day 3 & so far we’ve only had successes. I do have to go pick up Ezra from school, so I’m sure our winning streak is about to end (Murphy’s law & all), but so far I have to say this kid has been a million times easier to potty train than Ezra. Not sure if it is because she is a girl or because she is younger or because they have different personalities, but whatever the reason, I am grateful (and also knocking on wood that I didn’t just jinx our good luck by posting about it!)


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