And so it begins…

1.) Homework

At 4 1/2 Ezra now has homework. He gets 2 papers sent home on Wednesday night & they are due back on Monday morning. I guess this is to prepare the students for elementary school, which I’ve heard has LOADS of work!

2.) Cursive

Yes, the kids start learning cursive in 4-year old preschool. I’m not really clear on why, but my friend whose son went through a couple years of spanish school said that even her son’s printing is incredibly neat after learning cursive. Here’s hoping!

3.) Girls?!?!

On the way home from school yesterday, a girl ran up to Ezra & gave him a big hug & then said, “Te quiero mucho, Ezra!” (I love you a lot)!!! WHAT?!?! Already! He’s FOUR!!!! Thankfully, his response to her was “Sí”. As we continued walking home I asked him if he knew what she had said to him & he said that he didn’t (which I was guessing given his response). As much as I didn’t want to, I did tell him what she said.

I’ve noticed for a while now that Ezra seems to be quite popular with the spanish kids, but especially with the girls. I don’t really understand, because I don’t think he understands much of what they say to him & given the things he chooses to talk about (peregrine falcons, cheetahs, white-tipped reef shark) I can’t imagine that they understand much of what he says. However, I’m just happy that he isn’t an outsider & that the kids want to play with him!!! Not so happy that the majority of them are girls, but I suppose that is my cross to bear.


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