An Audrey post!

Sorry for the long absence from blogging, life has been fairly normal (which means not a lot of pictures), but also quite busy (so not a lot of a time for blogging). My new project this spring:

Directing the Musical at ECA!!! Thank goodness the music teacher will be taking care of the music side of things (& has done 4 musicals here already)!! A student who dances will be taking care of the choreography, so that leaves me with the drama side of things! A big undertaking (did I mention there are THIRTY-SEVEN students?!?!), but I’m excited to get back into drama!

I gathered up all our pictures for the month of January & for some reason they are all of Audrey! All 8 of them! It’s been a really slow month for pictures!

Wearing her rain coat!

Looking cute in her pink…

…Romo jersey! Daddy is SO proud!!

We got our Christmas card from our cousin & Audrey carried it around saying the girls names over & over and then insisted on taking it to bed with her! 

Something yummy & chocolatey!!! 

IKEA finally had the little doll beds in stock that my brother & sister-in-law ‘got’ for Audrey for Christmas!!! She was excited even though she had not idea what was inside the box!!

At this point it was a “tower”!

Putting her baby to bed!! Thanks Uncle Noah & Auntie Tena for the fun Christmas present!!! 


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