Life in Spain: Doctors & Medicine


We dealt with lots of different sicknesses over the course of December and got to try out our new Spanish insurance and begin to learn the nuances of the Spanish health care system. It was quite the interesting experiences. Here is what we have learned so far:

-Everything is compartmentalized (at least with the system we are in). You go to one location to see the doctor. Another location for blood work. Another place to pick up your results. Then back to the doctor for them to read the results.

-If you are asked to give a urine sample, you must purchase the specimen container at the pharmacy in advance. Then you bring in your first morning urine to the lab.

-The pharmacists can listen to your symptoms & give you medicines over the counter that would require a doctor’s prescription in the states (haven’t actually gotten anything too crazy yet, but it is interesting to tell the pharmacist your symptoms & have them suggest something rather than just picking up the Tylenol flu or the Nyquil & purchasing it).

– Amoxycillin comes in a powder form & you add water to the ‘fill’ line (as you can see in the picture above)!


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