December Happenings

I had grand plans this year of doing Advent activities with my kids, just a little something each day. Make cards to send to family, go look at christmas lights, etc. We started out great! On December 1st, we put up our Christmas tree!

Decorating the tree!

The kids & the tree! Notice that all the German straw ornaments are hung together. Ezra insisted that all the same kind of ornaments needed to be together!

Our advent activities got a little less consistent as we got busy preparing for our trip to Lisbon.


And then we went to Lisbon! I don’t think anything happened while we were gone. 

When we got back I had 3 days to get ready to host about 18 ladies! And then this happened:

I got sick. Then Ezra got pink eye. Then Audrey got pink eye. I was still sick. Micah’s birthday came & went. Our anniversary came & went. Audrey was coughing. Micah woke up with a fever. I was still sick. The three of us went to the doctor. Came home to pick up Ezra from school…with a fever. We postponed our anniversary trip. And that has been life for quite a while now. Sick. Lots of coughing, ibuprofen, cough syrup, & bland diet for me. Not how I pictured December going!

On a happier note the picture above is Ezra watching “Pride & Prejudice” with me. It was a proud moment for me when he started saying to me, “No, mom, Mr. Darcy is mean. Mr. Wickham looks happy.” (Don’t worry – I did set him straight!)

Our cute girl trying on Daddy’s hat!


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