Ezra’s Christmas Program

Ezra had his first Spanish School program. It wasn’t until afterwards that the difference really hit me. In the states, the kids all sing songs, but in Ezra’s program, the kids all danced & that was it! The parents are given a picture & instructions of how to dress their child for the performance. The 4-year olds were elves & Ezra’s class were orange elves.

The elf & his assistant (please excuse her hair – it’s atrocious!) 

I was blown away by how many 3 – 5 year olds live in our small town! This picture shows the 3-year olds (in white) & a couple classes of 4-year olds. On the opposite side from the 3-year olds were the 5-year olds with about as many kids as the 3-year olds!

This shows nearly all the 4-year olds.

Ezra & his class after they had finished dancing! (They were missing 2 students as there are 20 kids in his class)

Each class did a dance. They actually split the 4-year olds up because there are just so many of them! It was pretty entertaining watching all these little kids dance!

If you are interested you can see Ezra do his dance:



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