We have been so blessed by our friend Stephanie! She helps us out all the time by helping clean the house before company comes, watching our kids, etc., etc. We wanted to give her a nice Christmas gift this year and the one thing she wanted more than anything else was to take a vacation with Micah & I, SO because of the generosity of another couple willing to watch our kids for a long weekend, we were able to give Stephanie her wish! A mini-vacation to Lisbon, Portugal! We didn’t have tons of time to plan or look at pictures in advance and so when we arrived we were blown away by how beautiful a place it is!

Entering Lisbon

(If you think it looks like San Francisco’s bridge, you are close! It was actually built by the company that built the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge, but since it is the same color as the Golden Gate bridge, it looks more like the latter to our minds!)

H&M on Rossio Square!

Sunset over Lisbon

Dinner at an Indian restaurant! So delicious! 

The streets of Lisbon

Enjoying Starbuck’s Christmas drinks, because for some reason Spanish Starbucks do not get the special drinks in! So sad!

The squares & the streets were all decorated for Christmas! So beautiful!

Time for ice-cream! Yes, in the winter, because anytime is a good time for ice cream!!

The Belém Tower the next morning! This was built in the 15oo’s and used to be in the middle of the river. It was the last site sailors would see as they left their home port of Lisbon & the first thing they saw upon returning!

The Monument to the Discoveries. This was built in 1960 on the 500th anniversary of the death of Henry the Navigator. It has all sorts of historical figures from Portuguese history on the sides.

Looking down at the map from up on top of the Monument of Discoveries! 

View of the 25 de Abril bridge & on the right side of the picture you can see the  340-foot tall Christ the King statue that stands over Lisbon. 

The Jerónimos Monastery 

Inside the church part of the monastery (this is the grave of Vasco de Gama, a Portugese explorer)

Micah explored the cloisters


Steph & I sat on the steps of the church and talked until Micah rejoined us! 

Eating a Pastel de Belém, the local dessert!

The train station in Lisbon!

We took the trolley up to the top of the hill

What a view!!

Micah explored a cathedral that was destroyed in the 1755 earthquake and was left in its ruined state as a monument to those who lost their lives. 

We found a spot on the beach to watch the sunset!

Stephanie & I

Waves crashing, beautiful colors, & a cool fortress!

Having fun in the sand!

H&M enjoying the sunset

A gorgeous sunset!!

H&M at the Roman Ruins in Mérida, Spain on the way home!

Lots of Roman Ruins!

It was a super fast trip, but it was still lots of fun! Someday we’ll have to go back & explore Lisbon again!


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