The start of H&M: First Date

I know I said I was finished with the story of the start of our relationship, but I couldn’t resist posting a picture from our first date!

November 29, 2003 — Even though I had originally turned Micah down on going to Christmas banquet with him, now that we were officially dating, I felt that we could go together. Micah worked quickly and within two days of us becoming ‘official’ he bought tickets to the banquet along with a bouquet of red roses which he got to my dorm mom who left them on my bed along with Micah’s note asking me to banquet!

The actual banquet was a lot of fun. It was also a little strange, because in our community news travels fast and two days was plenty of time for word to spread that we were now dating, and everyone wanted a picture of the two of us together! It was also very surreal to sit there and think, “I’m sitting here beside MY BOYFRIEND!!!”

Maybe it was a little bit of an odd place for a first date as boyfriend and girlfriend, but I had a fun evening and we ended up with a great picture!


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