The start of H&M, part 11

November 26, 2003 — It had been an emotional couple of days! After Micah telling me that he liked me and me responding in a very vague way, the following morning there was an e-mail from Micah saying that should I ever feel so inclined it would be nice to know what “it’s welcome” meant. After reading the e-mail, I had errands to run, which included a stop at school. Conveniently, Micah was heading upstairs as I was headed down and so I was able to tell him in person that I did want to talk with him. Unfortunately, he already had plans for that night, which meant that we wouldn’t be able to talk until the following night. I spent an agonizing 36 hours waiting to talk with Micah. Even though I knew how he felt AND I knew how I felt, I still felt so nervous thinking about telling him that I liked him.

My RA partners knew all that had happened two nights previous and that Micah and I needed to talk, so they said they would cover the dorm which would free me up to go with Micah into Basel where we could sit at Starbucks while we talked. Micah was coaching JV girls basketball that night and offered to bring our girls home and then after a quick dinner we would head out. He did bring our girls home, but that was as far into our plan as we got, because one of the girls came home having a major asthma attack. The dorm parents were off that night, so it was up to us as RAs to decide what to do. It was really quite frightening as the girl was crying and shaking and having a really hard time breathing. We called a staff person who lived nearby who was a nurse and she came over to try and help. A little later another staff member who lived nearby came over, as he had been an ER doctor back in the States. By the time he arrived the girl was starting to get a little better. He kept her talking to him and eventually she was back to normal.

Once that crisis had been taken care of, I got Micah a plate of leftover food. We sat in the dining room with girls walking in and out and talked about his day and other trivial things. All the while I felt sick inside. When he finished eating it was almost 9 and we knew we didn’t have time to go all the way to Basel, so we put on our coats & headed out for a walk on the paved farm tracks around the dorm. It took a while, but I eventually worked up the courage to tell him that I did in fact like him and we began to talk about ‘what now?’ After two hours of talking while walking through the cold we decided that we would date or ‘go out’ or be boyfriend and girlfriend or whatever people wanted to call it! We didn’t know what that would look like at BFA with him being a teacher and me being an RA, but we each decided that the other was worth the risk.

And while that was only the start of our relationship, that is the end of the start of H&M!


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