The start of H&M, part 10

November 24, 2003 — What a crazy day off! It all started with a movie at one of the dorms on Sunday night that went until 2 A.M. I felt bad, because I had invited Micah to come and he had offered to bring me home and so, at 2 he was driving me and a couple of my RA partners back home. We were headed to bed with the knowledge that we could sleep until we were good and ready to get up, but Micah was headed home to a very short night of sleep followed by teaching a bunch of crazy middle school kids!

And sleep in I did, until 10:30. That afternoon some of my RA friends picked me up in their dorm van and we headed north to Freiburg to wander through the traditional German Christmas market. It was the most wonderful moment as I stood in the chilly air looking at the twinkling Christmas lights in the bare branches as Christmas carols from a brass quartet swirled around me. There were booths selling delicious things to eat and drink as well as different crafts. We wandered around not buying very much, but soaking in the atmosphere.

All too soon, it was time to head back, but my night was far from over! A bit after 9, Micah picked me up at my dorm and we headed into Basel to Starbucks.  He was pretty tired, because in spite of the late hour when he had gone to bed the night before he hadn’t slept well. However, we had a great time talking and laughing just like we had the last time we had gone to Starbucks.

At 11, we headed back to the dorm. As we pulled into the dorm parking lot, I glanced at the clock knowing I was getting dangerously close to the time I was expected back in the dorm. I grabbed the door handle and as I pushed the car door open, Micah said, “Wait!” He went on to tell me that he liked me and that I deserved to know that when we were hanging out and doing stuff together. I said the first thing that came to my head: “It’s welcome.”  Then I climbed out of the car and closed the door. As I walked into the dorm I had the biggest grin on my face. My RA partner knew that something had just happened and I told her that Micah had told me that he liked me! She asked, “So, are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?” “Uh…I don’t know,” I replied. “Well, are you dating?,” she continued. “Uh…I’m not sure.” I said. “So, what does that mean?,” she wisely asked.  “I, well, I don’t know,” I replied and then headed up to my bedroom thinking that perhaps I should have chosen my response a little better.


*I am teased a lot about my response of “It’s welcome,” but in my defense,  I was really concerned about not breaking ‘curfew’ and was feeling the pressure of getting back into the dorm. Also, I was completely caught off guard. I mean, we had spent the past 2 hours in the car or in Starbucks talking when he could have brought up the topic, but instead he waited until I was halfway out of the car!


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