Play kitchen from nightstand

I’m not sure what first made me decide to make a kitchen for Audrey, but once I started searching for play kitchens on pintrest I found lots of great ideas. I thought, “This will be a fun project that I can do on my own.” So, I asked around & someone had a little nightstand they no longer needed!


Then I sketched out a plan and began to think I might have been a little ambitious thinking I could do this on my own, especially in light of the fact that I don’t own any power tools & would have to borrow them! I asked one of the guys who works at the school if he had any experience with this type of thing & WOW! did I ask the right guy! He ended up helping me a LOT & the finished product is perfect!!!



Close-up view


For those who are curious these are the supplies I used (unless noted I either had the item on hand or bought it at the dollar store):

Old nightstand, piece of pressboard (since plywood is not readily available here) semi-glossy paint, small metal bowl, faucet (bought at bricodepot – similar to home depot), CDs, 2 black knobs, small rod, fabric, small wood scrap & brackets for shelves, spray paint for shelves, under shelf hooks, regular hooks, door handle (ikea), hinges, light plastic sheeting, plastic buckets (ikea), towels & play kitchen tools (ikea)



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6 responses to “Play kitchen from nightstand

  1. Heather, this is amazing! Eileen and I are loving following your blogs of your growing little family in Spain, and also the retro ones of you and Micah. What a series of blessings God has showered you with; and what a blessing you and Micah have, in turn, been. We are so often reminded of our own story of raising our family overseas and of Eileen having the ‘luxury’ of being home with the little ones. We pray God’s continued rich blessing for all 4 of you.

  2. Marjorie Wahlsten

    Trust you posted it on Pinterest

  3. Kim Allan

    It’s so cute! I got lots of ideas on Pinterest to do the same thing, but then someone gave us a plastic one they didn’t need and was in great shape. And as I couldn’t see us having time in the forseeable future we took it, but I still think it would be more fun to make one and they are way cuter! Great job!

  4. Ronda

    You are so creative and handy. It is adorable and I ‘m sure Audrey will have so much fun playing with it.

  5. micahandheather

    Thanks everyone! I had a lot of fun searching through the kitchens on pintrest & designing one. It was even more fun to see it come together! And, yes, I did post a picture of it on pintrest! I figured I got lots of inspiration from there, so who knows? It might help someone else find just what they were wanting to do!

  6. mjb

    Heather this is great! Becca loves playing in the play kitchen at her daycare and we have one in the yard, but I can see her having fun with one like this in the future, too.

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