The start of H&M, part 7

November 1, 2003 — Autumn was quickly passing by. The trees were various shades of fall colors and the weather was getting cooler with each passing week. It had been a busy few days in terms of social activity! The week before four of my senior girls wanted to take a trip to Freiburg along with two senior guys from another dorm and they convinced Micah and I to go along as drivers and chaperones. Once in Freiburg the boys decided to try their hand at earning some money while playing their guitars, so the girls, Micah, and I walked around the city center and spent quite a while sitting in a café drinking coffee and chatting. A couple days later I spent a lovely day walking through the Basel zoo with a group of friends, including the other guy. We enjoyed watching the animals playing and the perfect fall weather! Just the night before I had experienced my first Herbstmesse, or Fall Fair. It was a wonderful evening of wandering around Basel, eating delicious food, drinking Starbucks coffee, having adult conversation with my friends, and watching the staff and students of BFA take on one another in the bumper cars. I ended the evening by sitting down by the river with my friends and the other guy watching people walk by and enjoying the lights reflected off the water.

Now it was Saturday, I was once again checking to make sure rooms were getting cleaned and chores were being done, but mostly just hanging out in the staff office in case anyone needed me. It was there that two of my senior girls found me. They had been away on a volleyball trip the night before and had missed out on Herbstmesse. They pulled out the: it’s- our-last-year!-We-don’t-want-to-miss-out-on-going-to-Herbstmesse-our-last-year-at-BFA! card and I began to take pity on them. They, of course, had two guys that they wanted to accompany them on this outing as well. I talked with the dorm parents and they okayed the trip. Then I began to think about what I would do. The rule at BFA is that as long as they are in groups of three or more they are allowed to explore Herbstmesse on their own. I knew that they were not going to want their RA tagging along with them, so I began to think of people I could ask to come along. Nearly all of my friends were RAs, so they would be busy in their dorms. I thought about asking the other guy to come along, but I knew that he wouldn’t be able to make it that night. So then I thought of Micah. He always seemed up for a trip somewhere, so I picked up the phone and called him. He agreed to go along.

Once in Basel, we made plans with the students on where to meet in about 3 hours and then since I’d just spent the night before exploring Herbstmesse, Micah and I headed off to Starbucks. We got our coffees and went upstairs to the seating area where we found two comfortable armchairs around a small table. We simply sat there and talked for the rest of the time. I couldn’t even tell you now what we talked about, but I do remember being surprised that almost 3 hours had passed and it seemed like no time at all. I also remember feeling that I could have sat there for longer just talking with Micah and I was a little surprised by that feeling!



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