Fall Fun Day!

Halloween is starting to catch on here in Spain, but they have gravitated towards the darker side of things. One of my friends whose kids have been in Spanish public school for a couple years warned us that the focus on Halloween tends to be witches, zombies, etc. and that most kids come dressed up in really ‘dark’ costumes. So it was decided that we would all pull our kids out that day & have a Fall Fun Day instead!!

Our little Oregon State Cheerleader!!

The whole gang (2 cowboys, Larry Boy, a pumpkin, a cheerleader now with her pom poms, & a princess!)!

Yummy pumpkin muffins!!!

Painting sugar cookies 

We used dyed egg yolk

The finished product!!

Craft time!

Making fall trees!

Getting some help!

Pepperoni pizza faces for lunch!

So yummy!

Watching “The Great Pumpkin”!

Charlie Brown does not disappoint! (And yes, there are more kids than before! The big kids got home from their day of school!)

Trick-or-treating is a newer thing in Spain from what I’ve heard, but it certainly seems to be gaining popularity, especially in our little town. We’ve had quite a few different groups of kids stop by already & it is still before (Spanish) dinner time!




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