Weekend in Dublin!

As an early birthday present, I got to spend a long weekend in Dublin with my friend, Stephanie! Three whole days without a diaper bag, a stroller, or worrying about the kids’ schedule along with all the beautiful sights made for an absolutely wonderful time!

The view from the balcony in our room was amazing and we were only a few minutes walk from all the major sights!

Obligatory tourist photo in front of Temple Bar!

We took the tour at Trinity College! We learned some interesting facts about the school! 

My favorite piece of trivia is that the big bell in the bell tower is only rung on two occasions: before a 4th year examination is given in the examination hall on one side of the square in the picture above OR before a funeral in the chapel which is located on the opposite side of the square & is the building in the right side of the picture. The idea being that it is only rung before an examination before man OR an examination before God!

After seeing the Book of Kells, we wandered through the Trinity Library – so beautiful! We did learn that the books are not organized by title or author, but by size! You can check a book out for research purposes, but you have to give the librarian TWO days to find it & then you can only look at it in a special room while wearing gloves & being watched by a guard the entire time! 

The oldest harp in Ireland (which has become the symbol of Ireland – it’s on the Guinness cup and on the Euro coins).

This is an oak tree that was brought over from Oregon! It’s supposedly one of the largest in Europe. Their guess is because it is sheltered by the buildings & being watered by the water running underneath the college! 

We wandered through St. Stephen’s Green!

We caught the train out to Howth, a suburb of Dublin on the Irish Sea!

So picturesque!

The church in Howth

We sat perched on the side of the hill taking in this view for over an hour! Probably my favorite memory from our trip!

Our second day started with a beautiful view of the old military hospital/current modern art museum, which we simply walked by on our way to…

Kilmainham Gaol

These cells were not very big & these were by far the nicer ‘rooms’ in the place! Unless you had money & then you could have a really nice room!

Christ Church Cathedral

Dublin bridges

The General Post Office in Dublin – it’s a very historical place as The Proclamation of the Irish Republic was first read here in 1916. 

Trying homemade Irish Lamb Stew!

Garden of Remembrance for “all those who gave their lives in the cause of Irish Freedom.”

The gate to Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Eating my ‘mini’ Irish Breakfast on our last morning in Dublin! So yummy!

Thanks Steph for a fun weekend! It was great exploring a new city and remembering what life is like without diapers and children’s menus! 


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