The start of H&M, part 4

September 15, 2003 – After three weeks at BFA I was realizing what an amazing community I was blessed to be a part of, but also was beginning to realize what a busy life an R.A. has! Thankfully R.A.s are given one weekend off a month, starting mid-day Friday and ending Monday night. My first weekend off was just coming to an end and had been a fun one!

I had made plans to have my weekend off with “that other guy I was intrigued by.”  We wanted to join an R.A. friend of mine and a family headed to Rothenburg, which is a medieval walled city a couple hours away. The only problem was that the family had room for the other R.A. but not the other guy & me. We were still trying to figure out a solution to our quandary while I served hot lunch to the girls in my dorm. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but Micah ended up being the solution since he had a car & was interested in seeing whatever he could see.

I should mention here that I had seen Micah a few times since school started since he would occasionally do things with the other R.As as he was closer in age to us than most of the single teachers. He & I often would end up talking for a while. He had joined a group of us at the movie theater to see “Pirates of the Caribbean” and we had ended up sitting next to each other. I’m not a ‘scary’ movie person and even sudden loud noises in movies tend to make me jump. This movie had quite a few of those moments and in each instance I would jump in my seat, which Micah found quite amusing! To be fair, I should also say that I had spent quite a bit of time with the other guy going shopping, visiting new sights, and exploring new towns and he & I were getting to be quite close friends by this point.

Me with some of the girls from the family looking at pictures on my camera!

Saturday morning of my weekend off, Micah picked the other guy & I up in his car and we headed out on the 3-hour trip to Rothenburg. Once we arrived in the town, we met up with my R.A. friend and the family and began to do some exploring of the town. Rothenburg is pretty touristy, but it was a good introduction to travel in Europe for a newbie like me! Over the course of Saturday & Sunday we saw all the main sights: exploring the Kathe Wolfahrt store that sells Christmas decorations, seeing through the criminal museum that describes punishment during the Middle Ages, wandering the quaint streets, walking along the walls of the city, and taking the night-watchman tour.

Micah with one of the girls

I had been feeling mixed emotions about traveling with Micah & the other guy, but we actually ended up having a really good time together and it wasn’t nearly as awkward as I had feared it might be. As we headed home from Rothenburg, everyone riding in Micah’s car fell asleep. I was the first to wake up and Micah started asking me questions about life before BFA. The only thing specific that I remember from that conversation is that somehow we got onto the topic of previous relationships and I ended up telling him pretty much everything about myself in that area. I remember that I talked a LOT about a LOT of different things. I think I figured that I wasn’t interested in him anyways and if all my talking made him shy away then that was okay, because a true friend would be able to accept me for who I was – a talker! Little did I know at that time that one of Micah’s best gifts is that he is a good listener!


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