Life in Spain: School supplies

For school we were not handed a list of school supplies that we needed to buy & send with Ezra on his first day of school like we are so used to doing in North America. Instead here you pay the school a certain amount that is set by the school and that money is then used to buy the supplies needed for Ezra’s classroom. If they end up going through their supplies faster than anticipated we’ll be asked to contribute an additional amount towards the end of the year.

We did, however, have to buy his textbooks. We went to the local paper store (like a small version of staples) and told them that Ezra would be in Infantil 4. We then returned to the store a couple months later, paid them more than $85, and took his textbooks home. I will drop his books off at his school in the morning sometime next week.


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  1. Marjorie Wahlsten

    Dinosaurs seem to be popular theme for children everywhere.

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