Ezra’s first day of school

I was super nervous about Ezra’s first day of school. Due to some miscommunication we had missed the open house back in May. I tried going to the school & asking if we could meet Ezra’s teacher & see a classroom, but I was told (on Wednesday before school started) that they didn’t know who his teacher was & that we couldn’t see a room, because the teachers were working. The school is supposed to be bilingual, but from what I’ve heard only english class, art, & science happen in english, the rest of the class time (& the teachers) speak spanish. I was concerned about Ezra not being able to communicate with his teacher & with the kids in his class. And finally, the whole drop off is so different from what I know of in the states. Here you walk up to the gate of the play yard & just send your kid inside. I knew that today I would have to hand over Ezra to someone I didn’t know who would take him to a teacher that I didn’t know (or even her name) to go into a classroom that neither of us had seen! I had been warned that plenty of spaniards have to hand their crying child over to the gate monitor to be carried to their class. All that being said though, my friends that have kids in this school have had really good experiences and we have heard good things about the school, but that still didn’t stop this momma from being nervous about sending my baby boy off to school!

Apparently, I didn’t need to worry though, because Ezra handled today like a pro! (We’ll see how the following days play out as he realizes this isn’t just a couple days or a week ‘adventure’!)

First Day of School Photo!

Daddy & Ezra in front of Ezra’s school!

Mommy & Ezra

Waiting for someone to come take Ezra to his line, which you can see in the background.

In line with the other kids! Ezra followed his line inside, holding on to the hoodie of girl in front of him just like he was supposed to & entered the school with gusto!

He seemed happy to see us when we came to pick him up (a tiny bit emotional perhaps) and his teacher said he behaved well! He was able to tell us a few things about his day & didn’t seem opposed to going back tomorrow, so all in all a super positive day! I couldn’t have asked for anything more!


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