How is it possible?

How is it possible that in less than a week I will send my little boy off to school for the first time?

It seems like it has been such a short time since he was born!


I know that he has been growing every day…


… but it isn’t until I really stop & look at him that I realize how big he has gotten!


Life changes SO fast…


… and even a few months can make a big difference!


So here he is now, my big boy, headed to school!

I pray for his teacher to have patience with him as he adjusts not only to school, but also as he adjusts to hearing a new language. I pray for him to have peace when he is frustrated by not being able to communicate and I pray for him to make a friend as he will likely be the only new kid in his class. I also pray for myself, because I’m not sure my mommy heart can handle sending him off!



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One response to “How is it possible?

  1. Sarah

    I pray for both our mommy hearts as the day quickly approaches when we send our little boys off to their first day…<3

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