A year in numbers!

A year ago, we arrived in Spain! Here’s a brief summary of our past year!


3 ½

months that Micah spent going to language school 5 days a week, 4 hours a day during our first months in Spain. Micah is now functional in Spanish and can even have meetings in Spanish!


days of sunshine a year. We love the sun & the blue skies!


Our house address. We are so thankful for the house that God blessed us with. It fits us perfectly!


plants in our garden. We love that we have a space to plant things and care for them and watch them grow. It has helped us feel more at home here!


the number of families with young kids at ECA. Heather is especially thankful for other moms with which to build community


the number of people we had in our home one evening! We are so blessed by the staff of ECA and excited to be a part of things. We are also thankful for the Spanish friends we have been making through our church!

4 ½

months that Heather has been trying to learn Spanish. Between small children & not having money for language school means that Heather has only been able to spend a couple hours a week on language.  It has been frustrating to not have the words to communicate.


average high temperature in July & August. We are having a hard time adjusting to the hot temperatures and the lack of air-conditioning!


average low temperature in the winter months. We were not expecting it to get so cold in the winter months. To make matters worse the houses are not insulated and the cost to heat a house is very high!


average rainfall in inches per year. The landscape is much browner than any place we’ve ever lived (Portland, Oregon gets an average of 42 inches a year for comparison).



the average time Spaniards eat dinner. It’s not uncommon to hear small children playing in the streets until midnight or later during the summertime!


the number of weeks that Micah was in the position of director at the end of last year. Since he wasn’t expecting to start in his position until the school year ended it added some additional work that he wasn’t anticipating.


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  1. Randy Kent

    Love it!

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