The start of H&M, part 3

August 19, 2003 – Four days ago all of us RAs had received our dorm assignments and the next day I had moved into a rambling maze of a dorm named after the little village in which it sat. The village was small with nothing in it except houses, but the outlying countryside was beautiful & criss-crossed with walking paths that I was itching to explore. However, I had been busy with shopping trips to Ikea & other stores to get the things I needed to make my room my ‘home’ for the next year as well as unpacking my bags. I was also helping to get the dorm ready to receive 30 girls who would become a family over the course of the year.

On this particular day, we had lots of meetings as a dorm staff both in the morning and in the evening, but in the afternoon we had some work around the dorm to do. Someone must have mentioned this to Micah at some point, because he rode his bicycle 7 kilometers to come help out at the dorm. I felt bad for him, as it was a warm day! I was out pulling weeds in the backyard & my dorm mom sent Micah out to help me. We spent the time talking and I learned some interesting things about Micah. I was beginning to wonder if he was interested in me when he started talking about the time that he had spent at another girls’ dorm that morning helping out the RAs there and how he was getting to know one particular RA there. I felt a little disappointed to think that he was interested in this girl, but I quickly reminded myself that I wasn’t interested in him anyways.


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