The start of H&M

August 10th, 2003 – – I had just moved to Germany to work in the dorm at BFA. Everything was new & exciting! The houses had tiles on the roofs, there were storks living on the church steeple, & the countryside was beautiful. I had been in Germany 11 days at this point and had been getting to know the other girls & guys that I would be working alongside over the next year in our various dorms. We were all living together in one dorm while we went through our time of orientation. We were learning to drive 8-passenger vans on narrow winding roads and to make that situation even more interesting the vans were stick shift, which was not a problem for me. However, finding the stick shift on the steering column was definitely new to me! We were also learning the various procedures & policies of life in the dorms, which meant that the dorm parents were also in attendance at these meetings.  One of the sets of dorm parents had a young girl who was incredibly cute & stole the hearts of all of us young 20-somethings. So, when this girl started talking about how fun she thought it would be to wear braids in her hair overnight & then go to church with wavy hair, the idea caught on & most of us ended up with braids in our hairs so that we could ALL attend church the next day with wavy hair.

As I sat with my friends in church, very conscious of the fact that my hair looked pretty ridiculous, but taking solace in the fact that at least I was in good company I happened to notice a young man come in & sit down behind us. The biggest reason that I noticed him is that he reminded me a bit of a college dorm friend’s brother. This was a guy I had only seen once, maybe twice, during my time in the dorm, but the resemblance was there &  I wondered if he was in fact that brother. After all, the world is quite small, right? During the service they had all the new people introduce themselves & when the young man introduced himself as “Micah” I knew that he was not the brother of my friend. I also learned that this Micah-guy was here to teach middle school history & geography. That was the first time I saw Micah & while it wasn’t ‘love at first sight’ it certainly didn’t take long before things things began to change!


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