Life in Spain: Laundry

It is really rare to have a laundry room in Spain. This means the washing machine must ‘live’ somewhere else. I’ve seen a few residing in bathrooms, but the majority seem to be located in the kitchen. To the american mind, it might seem odd to have the washing machine in the kitchen, but I find it quite handy as I’m in & out of that room all day long so I tend to remember to get my wet laundry out of the machine before it has sat too long!

Washing machine in our kitchen

My understanding is that having a dryer is pretty rare. Given how dry the air is here, if placed outside a load of laundry will dry even on most winter days. During the summer, a load of laundry will dry in about an hour. If you have a patio or a porch, you can use a drying rack outside.

Laundry drying

However, people who live in apartments must set up their drying racks somewhere in their house. On some apartments, you will see laundry hung on a rack outside their window. Don’t drop a sock or you will have a long way to go to retrieve it!

Laundry drying in an apartment building – photo from internet

**We do have a dryer, because with young kids I find myself doing lots of laundry & was concerned about getting it all dry in the winter time. Our dryer lives on our patio, because we’re classy like that! (Someday I hope to make a wood cover for it with accordion doors so it is a bit more hidden & can be used as a place for food or drinks when we are eating outside.)


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