Micah took a week off of work this past week & we enjoyed a little staycation as a family!

Staycation Day #1

We explored some new territory by taking a walk along the river in Alcala & then walking back through this “grassland”, as Ezra called it.

We found a new-to-us park with swings & slides & after playing had a picnic lunch!

We picked up Navi, our dogsitting charge! The kids love her! She tolerates them!

Staycation Day #2

We found another new-to-us park and the kids took turns walking Navi.

We also found a good place to play & slide!

Staycation Day #3

We had to pick up some incoming staff at the airport, so we decided to go a little early & visit “the mound”! It had a great view of the area where the planes all taxi & begin their ascent.

Ezra LOVED it!

Staycation Day #4

Micah had a meeting for school in Madrid & I needed to pick up my new passport, so we took care of those errands & then visited Madrid Rio, a park that runs along the river in Madrid.

Who doesn’t love cookies?!?!

A messy, but happy little girl!

It was a very cool looking park! We wished that we had had more time there, but we’ll have to return someday!

Staycation Day #5

Ezra wanted to stay close to home on this day, so we simply walked to his favorite park.

Micah takes his swing-pushing-duties very seriously!


Staycation Day #6

Today Ezra wanted to climb the “mountain” so that’s what we did! He likes to try & throw rocks down into the brush below to make the rabbits run around. Lucky for the rabbits, his rocks don’t go more than about 2 feet!

Looking for treasures!

Diaper change on top of the “mountain”!

We had a fun week of exploring some new sights close to home as well as enjoying some of our favorites. Most of all, we enjoyed having Micah home with us all day every day!


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