Life in Spain: Pre-school

We are beginning to prepare for Ezra to attend pre-school in the fall. Yesterday, we went to the papeleria  or “paper store” (they sell magazines, books, & office supplies) in town to order Ezra’s books for school. We paid them about $90.00 for his year of school books & we’ll receive a call in a couple weeks to come and pick them up.

I’m so thankful for friends who are experienced in sending a child to spanish school! A couple weeks ago, a friend passed along some supplies that she was done with for Ezra to use at school:

A desayuno sack  or “breakfast sack”. The kids go to school from 9:00 until 2:00 and only take a small snack to eat for breakfast, such as cookies & a drink.


A smock that Ezra will wear while at school. I still need to get some fabric tape & put his name on the front of it so his teacher can identify whose it is quickly. My understanding is that the students wear these while working & then hang them up somewhere in the classroom.


My friend also informed me that we will need to purchase:

A plastic mug & make sure that it also has name on it making it easy to identify as his. This also is kept in the classroom.

Both the mug & the smock will be sent home each Friday to be washed and then I will need to remember to send them back to school with Ezra on Monday!





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