Life in Spain: Garbage

One of the things that has been a surprise to us is that garbage service is free! We paid a lot of money for our garbage service in Germany, so we are rejoicing in this free service! Here is how it works: Located every few blocks throughout a city, town, or pueblo are various ‘garbage stations’. When you are ready to dispose of your garbage (whether that be an entire garbage can or just one bag of trash) you simply walk (or drive) to the nearest station & drop it in the appropriate bins. Including one for used cooking oil! I’m not joking! And yes, there are recycling bins as well.

The nearest station for us is across the street!

This picture was taken from one of the kids’ bedroom windows. If you look across the plaza you can see the trash bins on the far side!

I see our proximity to these bins as a blessing most of the time! Occasionally if there is a holiday & the garbage really piles up, it can start to get a tiny bit stinky & unsightly, but for the most part it is SO convenient!

Nearly every day a garbage truck pulls up & uses a crane to attach a hook to a metal ‘loop’ on the top of the bin. The bin is pulled up revealing the larger garbage bin that is underneath the ground:


The large bin is then hoisted over the top of the garbage truck & the garbage man (hiding behind the tree in my picture) pushes a button on a remote that opens the bottom of the bin. The garbage is dumped out & the bin is returned to its’ place in the ground:


It is definitely a different way of doing garbage service than anything we’ve ever encountered, but we are certainly happy to not have to pay someone to take our trash away!


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  1. Marjorie Wahlsten

    The interesting things you learn when you live somewhere and aren’t just a tourist.

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