In our home in Germany Micah & I didn’t have any outdoor space that was exclusively ‘ours’. In Maryland, we had a little patio & so we did a few potted plants. Our place here in Spain has a great ‘raised’ bed, perfect for a little garden. However, Micah & I have almost no experience. None! Okay, we both know how to weed thanks to the family gardens/flower beds, but beyond that, truly nothing. I mean, look at the garden in the background of this picture:


Then I was given a gift (thanks, mom!) specifically to buy plants for our garden & thus began our journey into gardening!


This is a ‘before’ picture of the space while Micah was clearing the weeds out!


Here is our ‘after’ photo!

(For anyone interested the plants are: abelia, genista, lantana, thyme, daisies, variegated hebe, & escallonia)

We are excited to have this garden space planted as it makes us feel that much more “home” here in Spain! Plus, we might just have been bitten by the ‘gardening bug’ as we are already talking about what we can add in future years & how we can improve other areas of our outdoor space!


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