Toledo & Consuegra

Our second day trip with Heather & Amy was to Toledo & Consuegra. I had been to Toledo once before, but never to Consuegra. We had a bit of a rough start to our trip as we discovered that Audrey must get carsick when she sits in the very far back of the car (I’m sure it didn’t help that I wasn’t totally confident of where we were going & so we were having to make some quick lane switches, etc.). It took us a little longer than we anticipated to get to Toledo, but it was worth it.

Such beautiful winding streets!

Ezra & Mommy being silly while waiting for Heather & Amy

(Ezra & I had to take a trip back to the car for a change of clothes, because this mommy forgot to ask if anyone needed a bathroom until it was too late. Whoops!)

Plaza Zocodover

Ezra really wanted to ride the “train” & insisted that I needed to take a picture of it.

A yummy lunch of tapas (typical spanish fare of appetizer or snack-style dish)

After lunch, Heather & Amy toured the cathedral while the kids & I had ‘rest time’ in the car. Then it was off to Consuegra!

These windmills are in La Mancha & are similar in style to those that Cervantes would have been familiar with & wrote about Don Quixote fighting. However, these particular windmills are only 200 – 300 years old, so they wouldn’t have been here when Cervantes was. 

Looking down at the town of Consuegra

The boy of La Mancha!

Audrey enjoyed investigating

Heather & Amy exploring

It was a fun day of sightseeing in Spain! I‘m so thankful that Heather & Amy came to visit so I could catch up with them &  tour them around such a pretty country!


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