Valley of the Fallen & El Escorial

Having visitors means we have an excuse to go sightseeing! While Heather & Amy were here we took a couple day trips. The first was to Valley of the Fallen & El Escorial.

Valley of the Fallen is a monument, including a huge underground church that Franco had built as a memorial to the men who were killed in the Spanish Civil War – supposedly those on both sides. However, he used the anti-Franco prisoners of war to dig the thousands of tons of rock out of the mountain. 

The views were amazing!

Ezra loved all the space to run!

We had a lovely picnic lunch (out of reach of the ant hill at our feet)!

The church was very grand & impressive, yet there was a dark feeling to it. I’m sure part of it was the fact that the entire church is inside a mountain with no windows, but it seemed to be more than that. 

We also visited the monastery on the other side of the hill.

It, too, was built in a very grand way. Although, it seemed like it was in need of some repairs now.

From there we drove up to Philip’s Seat. This is where Philip II would come to watch the progress on his palace, El Escorial. Pretty nice view if you ask me!

El Escorial is a beautiful palace!

Cute little girl in an old washbasin!

Another view of  El Escorial (It’s hard to see, but Audrey got to talk to a flower girl – she is standing next to the woman in the blue dress. The wedding was obviously going to be starting soon. That ladies in our group wanted to wait to see the bride, but we got shot down by the males of the group!)

Another big space for running!

A beautiful field on the way home!

Another beautiful view! This one just outside our village!


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