One of ‘those’ days

They say, some day you’ll look back on these days & laugh, but I’m still waiting for that on this one particular day I had about a month ago!

On this day, I went upstairs to do some sort of ‘mom-thing’: put clothes away, make beds, or perhaps shower (novel idea!). I was gone 5, maybe 10 minutes, but my kids are to the age where they can play with toys and don’t get into too much trouble. Or so I thought.

When I came back downstairs I discovered that Audrey had found my purse & pulled this out of it:

This is a sharpie gel highlighter. It’s apparently a new thing in the states & I was admiring someone’s & they gave me their extra one. It is pretty nice as it doesn’t dry out if you leave the cap off or leak. However, my one and a half year old thought it looked like candy, I guess, because she had taken a bite out of it. Not to mention the bright yellow marks all over her jeans & shirt…

I grabbed the pen & looked all over it for the words, “non-toxic”, but to no avail. Remembering I had no packaging, I flipped open the laptop & frantically searched the sharpie website for any indication that this gel highlighter was non-toxic, but again no luck. I knew I would have to call poison control in the states, so since it was approaching lunch time I put both kids at the kitchen table to keep them in one place. Then I went into the living room (our cordless phone quit working around the time we left Germany) & called poison control.  I got a very helpful man somewhere in Texas who assured me that it would not hurt my child & to wipe her mouth out & give her a drink of water.

At this point, I’ve been out of the kitchen three, maybe 4 minutes. I go to the kitchen to wipe out Audrey’s mouth & give her a drink of water only to discover that Ezra has bitten into a metal tube of the spanish equivalent of neosporin & was trying to wipe it out of his mouth!

I’m thinking a few things at this point. 1.) WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!! HE IS TOO OLD TO BE DOING THIS! HE NEVER BITES INTO THINGS ANYMORE!!! 2.) I know I should call poison control, but a.) I can’t tell them for sure what is in this medicine since all the ingredients are in spanish and b.) it’s the middle of the night and I don’t want to get the same man, because he is going to think I’m a terrible mother!!!!

So, I did what every good, well-prepared mother does, I googled it. From what I could see it looked like it wouldn’t be a problem, so I called my mom-in-law who is a nurse to double-check that my prognosis was correct. She agreed and I was finally able to move on with our day! Someday I suppose we will laugh about it, but I’m still shaking my head at the craziness that is these kids  & my life!



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2 responses to “One of ‘those’ days

  1. Sarah

    Oh Heather, I can only sympathize with you. My 2nd little boy is constantly getting into stuff. For example, just a couple days ago, I took them grocery shopping and when I got home unloaded them and started working on the groceries. I came out of the house and to the car for another arm load of groceries to find Kaleb with the 18 count carton of eggs in front of my car, he was loading them up in the back of his tonka dump truck. I got them and brought them in the house and put them on the counter (1st mistake). I went back out for another arm load and passed Kaleb coming into the house with a little cooking skillet we take camping and didn’t think too much of it (2nd mixtake) because he and his brothers are always packing something around. With my 2nd load of groceries in hand I came in the house to find that Kaleb had gotten an egg out of the carton I put on the counter (should have placed it in the fridge or farther back on the counter) and cracked the egg in the pan so he could cook it (what a big helper). So we made sure no mess was made and outside to play he went. I’m not one for buying coffees in town but on this venture to town I stopped and purchased an iced coffee. After unloading the groceries and putting them away I went to the garden to see how things were going/growing. On my way back to the house I passed Kaleb (and the other two) playing in the water table…With my iced coffee cup transporting water from the upper lever to the lower lever…This all happened within (maybe) 15ish minutes. On another occasion a day or two later Kaleb found a permanent marker (I had previously hidden because of the boys’ inability to draw only on paper). He was in the office area coloring on paper so I let him continue. I came back to check on him and he had not only colored his cheeks, tummy, feet and hands, he had also colored the computer monitor. Let me tell you, it isn’t easy to get off either. So while I cleaned up the computer monitor, Kaleb (unbeknownst to me) went down to our bathroom and got daddy’s shaving cream and had it all over the floor, door and his feet before I really had the monitor cleaned up!!! A couple days of frustration for sure. I’m sure one day I’ll think it’s funny, but not then!!!

  2. micahandheather

    Oh, Sarah! Your days sound crazy! Whew! I feel that as a somewhat seasoned mom I should know better than to leave my children unattended for even a second, but then I’m not sure how you would ever get anything else done!

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