Mother’s Day

Yesterday was my 4th year celebrating Mother’s Day. I know Ezra isn’t quite 4 yet, but Micah still treated me to a mother’s day while I was pregnant with him, because he is a sweet guy like that! My family spoiled me yesterday! One of my gifts was a beautiful bouquet of flowers! When Micah told Ezra they were going to get me flowers, Ezra insisted that I needed PINK flowers! I’m glad, because these lilies are so pretty & they smell amazing!


I actually got these flowers on Saturday night, because Micah bought them on Saturday & he was afraid to try & hide them until the next day. When he brought them home in the afternoon, he hid them in a closet so he could give them to me after dinner. Ezra saw Micah bring them in & said, “I’ll go tell Mommy.” Micah said, “No, Ezra, wait! They are a surprise for her.” Ezra replied, “Oh, okay. Then I’ll tell her really quiet!” And he did!


This isn’t the greatest picture of Audrey, but this is a really special picture for me. I wore this dress when I was a little girl & after I outgrew it I dressed my doll in it and dreamed of the day when I would have my very own  little girl that I could dress in this dress. Then I worked with high school girls and as much as I loved working with them, I started praying that God would  give me boys! I’m glad that He didn’t listen, because I’m so thankful for this precious little girl! What a great gift for me for mother’s day to have her dressed in this dress & see the realization of one of my childhood dreams!


Life with these two isn’t easy, but it sure is a blessing to be their mommy! Thank you, God, for giving me these precious lives!

I love you, Ezra & Audrey!



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