TWU graduation

It was 10 years ago today that I graduated from Trinity Western University! I remember marveling at how quickly my 4 years of university had gone by & now I’m amazed that it has been 10 years since I left TWU!

Walking across the stage, shaking Dr. Snyder’s hand, & receiving my diploma!

Me with my family! And yes, I’m wearing a hood. In Canada, you get a hood when you graduate from your undergrad.

Me & my Grandma

Heather & Heather  – roommates for our last 2 years of university! So many good times together!

Heather, Christina, & Faith – dorm-mates our first year (Yay for 8&9 upper!!!)

Celeste & I – Celeste was my Core Group leader (essentially bible study leader/accountability partner)

Scout & I – she lived across the hall our third year. She kept Heather & I entertained!

Heather, Miranda, & Noah – Dorm-mates our last year (Yay for NWSH!!)

Heather & Buki – worked together (with many others) in an inner city youth group all four years!

So many wonderful memories, so many friendships made, so many tough lessons learned, lots of laughters, plenty of tears, classes, & ministry, all rolled up into one degree! I’m so thankful for my four years at Trinity – I really could not have asked for a better experience!

*Sorry for the quality of the pictures! Again, I had to take digital pictures of real photos.


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