New Hobby

Since my friend here is a knitter & I needed a hobby that is easier to pick up & put down than scrap-booking, I decided to have her teach me to knit.

My first project

She & I get together to knit and either let the kids play around us or in the evenings when the dads are home we can get together & watch movies while we knit.

Yarn for my second project

Knitting is a perfect hobby for a busy mom – you can take it anywhere, do it while you talk or watch kids/TV/Movies, & at the end of the day you have a little something that you’ve created that won’t be undone (unlike clean laundry)!



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2 responses to “New Hobby

  1. Kim Allan

    I decided I didn’t need any more scarves or baby blankets, which are fun and easy to knit. So I started knitting dishclothes! They are quick, easy, and small, so if you make a mistake it’s no big deal! Also, I like how they scrub without scratching. I think you need 100% cotton yarn for it, your friend would probably know what works best. Have fun!

    • micahandheather

      That’s a great idea! Since I just started it will be awhile before I’ve made scarves for everyone’s christmas present, but once I get there, I’m definitely going to keep this idea in mind. OR maybe I’ll do them first! Everyone needs new dishcloths!

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