This past Sunday, we got to do something that we’ve never done before: cheer someone on in a half-marathon! Our friends, Aunt Stephanie & Emily, were running in the Madrid half-marathon & we drove into Madrid so we could encourage them!

More than 20,000 people participated in the race! Needless to say, it was a little tricky to find our friends! Thankfully, they were pretty accurate in their times so we were able to figure out when we would see them along the race.

We saw them at the  1 1/2 kilometer mark & again at the 16 kilometer mark! This is at 16 kilometers. We only got half of Emily in the picture & Stephanie is saying something to me (found out after the race that she was saying “It really hurts!”. She was running with plantar fasciitis! I’m so impressed, because I can’t even run a half-marathon in good health!)

The race ended in Retiro Park. (We saw the first place runners come through! Whew! Those guys basically sprinted the entire race! They ran 13 miles in 1 hour & 3 minutes!) This picture was taken quite a bit later – the people who run at a more ‘normal’ speed!

The finish line is under that blimp (which looks really tiny in this picture). Our friends finished in under 2 hours.


Good work, Emily & Steph! You guys were amazing! Thanks for giving us a chance to experience our first half-marathon race!


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