Life at our house

Life has been fairly ‘normal’ lately, which means I haven’t had a ton of things to share, but also these two kids are keeping me busy! When I’m not busy, I’m exhausted! So, here is a spattering of pictures from the past month! Enjoy!

Aunt Stephanie joined us for a thrilling Sunday afternoon (& before any of you moms get jealous thinking that I got to sit & read a book, let me say that by the time we finished taking this picture, the kids were awake & that was the end of mom’s rest time)

After their picnic (a better picture is in the last post), Ezra made me take a picture of each item of food at their picnic, as well as, a book! Thank goodness for digital cameras!

Our little coffee-drinker starting early!

(Thankfully, the mug she found had lukewarm coffee in it! It was a good reminder to never leave a mug with a hot drink it in anywhere where she could possibly reach!)

Just a bit of bedhead!!!

Our valentine’s day cookies turned out pretty well! These were ready to be delivered to our landlord & his family! 

These flowers were given to me by Ezra!!! What a sweet boy I have!

This shows all the teeth that Audrey has at the moment!

She FINALLY has enough hair that a bow will stay in!!! Maybe I should stay, it CAN stay in, but usually only lasts a few minutes before it gets pulled out! Still, I think it has to be one of the cutest things ever!

Audrey with her Christmas present from her Aunt & Uncle!!! She loves it!

Ezra (& Audrey for a little while) enjoying “screen time”. What are they watching? Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, of course! Ezra asks for this movie quite often! I guess he hasn’t figured out the whole seasonal thing just yet, since he is also still asking for “Away in a Manger” each night at bedtime! 

Two minutes after Audrey entered the playroom, both boxes of stuffed animals had been successfully spread onto the floor! 

This picture is a little grainier, because it was taken with the ipod. Micah showed Ezra how he could take pictures of himself & Ezra thought it was the best thing in the world as evidenced by that huge grin on his face!

Audrey seems to be working on her camera grin…

I’d say she has it perfected!!!


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  1. Ronda

    love it and that camera face is too adorable.

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