For Daddy

We’ve been really busy while you’ve been gone to West Africa!


On Sunday night, Aunt Stephanie & Mommy made pizza. Only they decided to go gourmet on us & made thin crust pizzas.

This one had carmelized onions, peppers, spinach, & parmesan cheese on it. YUCK!


We were so not impressed!


Thankfully, they also made some ‘kid-friendly’ pizza too! It wasn’t too bad. Okay, it was really good, but don’t tell mom. Wouldn’t want her to know that the things she cooks actually taste good!


On Monday morning, we had a picnic! Not with real food, though.


The camera is so interesting, but even more so when I can see that cute girl on it! Please excuse my nose. I’m still getting over my cold.


This morning we made Valentine’s Day cookies!


It’s a pretty serious process! Mom wouldn’t let me eat more than 2 cookies, even though I had about 4 more cookies that were my “favorites” & I really thought I needed to eat. Something about needing to save some for Valentine’s Day…


We had a busy morning making cookies & a mess, of course!


Yes, that’s right. We made hearts, crosses, & airplane cookies. Mom tried to explain that Valentine’s Day was about hearts, but airplanes seemed more important since you will be coming home on one in three more sleeps!

We love you, Daddy!

~ Ezra & Audrey



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