Three Kings

On January 5th, the three kings came to our little town! You know you are in a small town when you watch the parade & not knowing the exact parade route, end up watching the parade a second time while you are walking home!

Waiting for the parade

I’m still a little confused about what the giant octopus…

…and Davy Jones have to do with the Three Kings, but…

…the dancing pirates did a good job once you got over the shock of them!

The Three Kings came through in chariots. Ezra liked that they threw candy!

That night the kids put their shoes out for the Three Kings to leave them treats (Spanish kids get their gifts this way, but since we’d already done gifts we settled for treats). They also left the camels a snack. Ezra decided to leave the camels a cup of water & a bowl of cereal similar to Honey Smacks. I’m not sure if camels really care for that kind of snack…

… but it was all gone in the morning & there were treats in the shoes! 


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