We only live about 30 minutes from Madrid, but we really don’t go into ‘town’ unless we have a really good reason. Seeing the sights with Micah’s family was a great reason!

Ezra has mixed feelings about the train. He likes it when it is outside, but doesn’t care for it too much once it goes underground!

We took his parents through Puerta del Sol, which is one of the major Plazas in Madrid. Here is the statue of the Bear with the madroño tree, the symbol of Madrid.


Here is a monument to King Charles III, also in the Puerta del Sol. 

This is Kilometer Zero (also in Puerta del Sol), which is the beginning of all the signaling for the roads in Spain.

The Puerta del Sol was packed with people, because it was right in the middle of the holidays. We were more than happy to leave the plaza behind & head for the royal palace! We did have to wait in line for a while & ended up being nearly the last ones let in for the evening!


A friendly couple from Nevada took our picture! They ended up walking through the palace at about the same pace as we did & Ezra decided that they were his new friends!

The Almudena Cathedral, which is right next to the palace

I thought the light poles were so pretty!

When we walked into the Throne Room Ezra said, “Oh, wow! This is a pretty nice room. It can be my play room. We’ll have to change it a little.” (Just for the record, you aren’t allowed to take pictures in the palace, so this picture is from the internet) 

Every room we walked into Audrey would put her head back & examine the walls, ceilings, etc. & then say, “ooohh!” It was as if she was thinking, “Finally, these people have secured accommodations fitting for my station in life!” She was cracking up all the guards! (this picture is also from the internet)

We could definitely tell we were the end of the line, because as we left a room, the guards would turn off the lights & lock the door. It kept us moving through, but that probably isn’t a bad thing with young children who seem to think the palace is their new home!


The Cathedral looked beautiful in the setting sun!


We saw a few more famous sights as we made our way back to Puerta del Sol, but it was too dark for pictures by that point in time! It was fun to finally do a little exploring in the city that is right next door!




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