A little of this & a little of that

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks! I, of course, did not take as many pictures as I would have liked, but here is a smattering from the past weeks!

I had a party for the ladies of ECA. Here is the living room all set up & clean for the evening!

I got to use my Grandmother’s china for the first time!!!

I made a chocolate peppermint cake that turned out so yummy!

My handsome boy all ready for church!

Being silly!

On December 16th,  we celebrated Micah’s birthday with a dinner of fried rice

Even Audrey enjoyed it!

Aunt Stephanie came over & watched the kids so Micah & I could go out for an anniversary dinner! (The mattress was out in the living room for 72 hours as per IKEA’s instructions for a new mattress. Ezra thought it was his new toy. He was sad when we moved it onto the guest room bed!)

Micah & Ezra went to the bread store to get bread one day & the lady gave Ezra a candy! At her prompting he gave her a kiss in return – we were shocked!!!!

The candy was a little gummy with hard candies stuck on it to make a train!

Ezra LOVES getting new library books!!!

Ezra with the cookie that he decorated (with some help from Daddy!)

Looking at the advent calendar!


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