It’s time to catch up on random pictures of the kids!

Rooting for the Oregon State Beavers from across the ocean!

Sleeping Beauty

Wearing a suit that was once his Daddy’s!

I heard a crash & went running upstairs to find this! I asked, “What happened?” Ezra said, “I don’t know!” It would have been a LOT more believable had he not had the curtain pulls still in his hand!!!

This is Ezra’s current “Smile-for-the camera” face! I wonder if we can move on to a different smile by Christmas??? Maybe something just a tidge more natural!

Ezra playing with his dinosaurs. Although, here he looks like he is slightly terrified of them!

Audrey in her christmas dress! She points to it all the time when it is hanging in her closet! We may just have a princess on our hands!!!

This happens quite often. I get myself dressed. I get Audrey dressed. Then I realize that Audrey & I are dressed either in similar styles or in similar colors! 

“Why, yes, I did help myself to a cookie, Mom. Why do you ask?”

We love our books! If they are about animals, all the better!

“Look at my leaf!”

Our very own “Randy”! If you don’t know who I’m talking about you’ll have to watch “The Christmas Story” to understand. 


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