What a difference 9 years makes!

My mom mailed these pictures to me with my birthday present & I’ve been meaning to post them on here, because I just love them! I don’t have a scanner so I had to take digital pictures of the photographs, so these aren’t quite a clear as the originals, but you still get the point!


August 2003 – Me with my Dad, brother, & dog the evening before I flew to Germany & began working at BFA


August 2012 – 9 years later with my husband, son, & daughter before we flew to Spain to begin working at ECA!


2003 – Me with my Mom, brother, & dog


2012 – My family


2003 – Unloading my 3 bags & 1 carryon for my move to Germany


2012 – Unloading our 6 bags, 4 carryons, 2 carseats, & 1 stroller! The sad thing is that we were just flying back to Maryland. We still had a week until we moved to Spain!


2003 – On the bridge at the airport


2012 – Same place 9 years later!

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for documenting my (& now our) life – it’s amazing to see the very tangible ways that God has blessed my life!



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2 responses to “What a difference 9 years makes!

  1. Julianna

    That is so awesome! Love this post! Very special.

  2. These totally made me cry…so cool to see how far God has brought you. Love His faithfulness. Fun memories too. Praying for you guys lots. We love you!!

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