Who are you?

Our son loves to pretend that he is someone else or rather something else! He spends the vast majority of his day being other characters & will remind you of who he is anytime you forget to use the correct name. So, for example if he is pretending to be Horton (as in Dr. Seuss’s “Horton hears a who”) then the exchange might go something like this:

Mom: Ezra, do you want a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich for lunch?

Ezra: That’s Horton.

Mom: (sighing inwardly) HORTON, do you want a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich for lunch?

Ezra: Yes.

The problem is I can’t remember that he isn’t Ezra, nor can I remember who he is pretending to be so I am told over & over “That’s _________”. Just for kicks, the other day I kept track of his various characters & character changes. (And for those of you not up on the latest kids’ television programs I’ve included a picture of each character)

Character #1 – Carla the Shark (she is actually Carla Cretoxyrhina. She is from a PBS show called Dinosaur Train all about dinosaurs. Our biggest hang-up is the “she” part of this character)



Character #2 – Sweet Pea Sue (Another “she” from a show called the Pajanimals)



Character #3 – Lightning McQueen (from Disney’s Cars)



Character #4 – Kenny the Kentrosaurus (again from Dinosaur Train. It’s the purple dinosaur in this picture)



Character #5 – Buddy the T-Rex (also from Dinosaur Train)


Character #6 – Mater (from Disney’s Cars)


Character #7 – Back to Carla the Shark

Character #8 – Back to Lightning McQueen

Character #9 – Again Carla the Shark

Character #10 – Again Lightning McQueen

Character #11 – Returned to Carla the Shark

Character #12 – Benny the Beaver (as in the Mascot of Oregon State University)


Character #13 – Ended the day as Carla the Shark

It’s no wonder I’m exhausted at the end of the day not only taking care of one-year old Audrey, but 7 other characters. There are also more characters he will choose to be, but he didn’t pull them out on this particular day!


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