Chaos & Kids!

We are living in the midst of chaos right now!

There are boxes in the kitchen…

craziness in the living room…

a mess on the patio…

& more boxes in every other room of the house!

The mess & chaos are being dealt with a little each day especially thanks to so many wonderful people in this community who have supported us by watching the kids, putting together furniture, bringing us a meal, driving us places, answering questions, and so many other things that have helped us immensely.

In the midst of all this work being done, there are also two cute kids who continue to keep us entertained!

Ezra: “Check me out!”

Audrey: “Uh, in case you didn’t hear, brother, this is MY photo shoot!”

“Mom, why do you keep putting toy frogs on my head?”

Audrey & Aunt Stephanie right before the running of the bull. That’s right, bull, singular. Still he was an angry fellow & I wouldn’t have wanted to be running in front of him like Aunt Stephanie did!

Just to add to all the fun in our house, this little girl has decided that crawling is okay, but climbing up & down stairs (always head first) is much better!

Helping mommy open packages of hangers!

Modeling the bee hat (perhaps under duress!) 

Ezra & the airplane that he built by himself!

Audrey riding her bike

“Wait, brother, I’m coming!”

Bathtime cuties!

Guess who found the markers? It was nearly impossible to keep a straight face while discussing why it is important not to draw on ourselves!

Taking a break from playing to study his book

Yes, our baby is in a moving box! After you’ve taken clods of dirt out of her hands (& mouth) multiple times and stopped her falling headlong down the stairs you’ll do nearly anything to keep her safe!



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2 responses to “Chaos & Kids!

  1. Marjorie Wahlsten

    Looks like a lovely place under the boxes.

  2. I love all these pictures – seeing your life there!!! Keep it up! (Wish I could help you unpack or watch your cuties for you though!

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