We’re here!

We’ve been talking for a year & a half about our move to Spain so it is hard to believe that we are actually here now!

“We’re going WHERE today?”

God did His good work & continued to confirm to me that this is where He wants us even in our travels yesterday:

-We showed up at the airport with 12 checked bags, 7 carry-ons/personal items, 2 carseats, & a stroller. The man at the check-in desk asked if we had weighed the bags & when we said that we had, he said he would take our word so we didn’t have to unload all the carts! It saved us so much time!

-The flight was mostly smooth, which was a huge answer to prayer, because we had encountered some turbulence on our departure from Portland that scared Ezra (& let’s be honest, me) pretty bad.

-At the London Heathrow airport, we stopped to ask clarification on where we needed to go & the man directed us to the “fast track” because we had a baby! We passed hundreds of people waiting in line & were through all the security checks in about 20 minutes or less (it usually takes a good hour or more)!! This was a huge blessing as both our kids were tired & standing in line would not have been easy!

-All our baggage arrived except for Ezra’s carseat, but one of the men who came to pick us up happened to have a van that has a built in car seat! It’s even more amazing when you think about the fact that he doesn’t have kids young enough to need a car seat!

The kids waiting in the baggage claim area while Micah sorted out the delayed carseat mess. Our kids were such troopers & did such a good job!



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2 responses to “We’re here!

  1. Randy Kent

    So excited for you! Thank you, too, for your kind note that we received by post in Newport Beach! Love you guys. SO proud of you!

  2. I’m so glad you are there, safe and sound! That picture of your luggage is crazy. =) Well done for doing this with 2 little kiddos! God is good.

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